Gentle shampoo for baby and kids

I think most mothers with the advent of the baby become more conscious and think about more safe personal care products. It also happened to me 3 years ago. I always try to choose the most gentle and soft shampoos for my daughter.

Biolu – gentle and safe baby shampoo. I love these shampoos for children, which will definitely not cause any allergies with a pure composition, and a slight pleasant and non-intrusive smell.

“Active Ingredients:
Moisturizing and nourishing complex containing inulin, betain, hydrolysed rice protein and plant glycerin.
Skin-soothing and protecting complex with organic chamomile extract.
OLIVAERISยฎ complex that is rich in polyphenols obtained from fresh olive leaves. Its antioxidant and antiradical effects ensure long-lasting protection and natural hair beauty. “

300 ml/ยฃ6.95

Good price for big packaging and also he is well to foam. Suitable for vegan. Economical. Does not dry the baby scalp. Can be diluted with water before used.

Ordered from here

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