Hair removal – sugaring at home and SUGAR STRIPEASE FAMILY PACK review

About Sugaring

Sugaring is hair removal with sugar paste, which consists of natural ingredients. It looks like a wax depilation only less painful (I who said I will never torture myself with hair pulling out, I’ve been doing sugar depilation for 8 months already) Another difference is that applying the paste against the growth of hair and pulled out on the direction of the growth of the hair. I know two techniques. The first is when specialist smooth the warm (not hot) paste on, rubbing it on against the hair growth. Then flick the hand back, going with the growth, pulling up hairs with the paste(that is, using hands).This technique is usually used on large areas, such as legs. And the second way is using a spatula and strips.


I started doing Sugar waxing in the summer of 2018. I used a razor before. Why did I change the type of hair removal? Because I was bored with these thick, spiky hairs that grew on the second or third day, and my blond hair became dark. Wtf ?
Plus there was no effect of smooth legs after shaving, as in advertising, because I had irritation and legs up to my knees itched. This summer I got sick of it, because in summer it’s the most visible. For a couple of days I read about all types of hair removal and on the third day I had an appointment with the master sugaring. Chose sugaring because it is not as painful as waxing, due to the fact that hair is removed in the direction of hair growth. I went to this master 3-4 times and then I started doing it myself, because I learned a little from her. They say that after a razor it is more painful. But it is only 2-3 times treatment and all, the hairs will become thinner and there will not be much pain. To me, the first procedure of shugaring the legs and underarms did not seem at all to be painful, classic bikini a little more painful and full bikini need to be patient the first 2 times. But if you are not after the razor, then everything is OK.

Benefits Sugaring

  1. Natural Ingredients (since the ingredients usually consist of sugar, water and citric acid)
  2. Easier Clean Up (just wash it off with warm water)
  3. Depilation effect is longer (2-4 weeks depending on the area)
  4. Hairs stop being tough (hairs with each time sugar waxing becomes thinner and soft, with the growth of 0.5-1cm they are almost imperceptible)


If you decide change the type of depilation to a sugar depilation, here are some tips for getting better and prevent some errors

  1. Exfoliate before treatment (in order to avoid ingrown hairs, it is better to do a scrub or massage dry brush 2-3 times a week)
  2. Skin must be clean (without lotions, oils and deodorants) before waxing. especially underarms, since this area is likely to sweat. use talc
  3. Be sure to use a disinfectant after
  4. The hair should be 3-5mm long to start with (after regular use you can even remove hair 2 mm)
  5. If you are a beginner, do not grab large areas so that you can comfortably, do in small batches, be patient for the first 2-3 times and see the result that it was worth it.
  6. Remove hairs in the direction of hair growth, do not mind as with wax
  7. If after a razor you make a sugaring for the first time, this means that the hair is tight. After the first time it can be small pustules can be irritating, therefore VERY IMPORTANT in the first 24 hours :
  • not to touch freshly waxed skin
  • wipe every 3 hours with antibacterial agent
  • not wearing tight clothes (especially in hot weather, this item was my mistake, after my first bikini zone procedure I was riding in tight jeans for a whole hour home, in the heat, I had very terrible rashes, but I properly looked after and 3 days later passed,)
  • Abstaining from saunas, swimming pools, hot tubs, sexual activity, exercise(so as not to hit the bacteria on the affected area)

Sugar Stripease Family Pack – review

Sugar StripEase made in UK, 100% natural, cruelty-free and vegan. This is a very good set that is suitable even for beginners. And everyone will understand how it works. Just need to put the jar in the microwave and start. It has everything you need:

  • Sugar wax jar (paste)
  • Pure Fine Talc (for better hair grabbing)
  • Strips and spatulas
  • Soothing Mist  (ideal for treating skin after hair removal)

Sugar StripEase is formulated without the lemon juice to avoid any risk of skin irritation.  I like to use this set for eyebrows, underarm and bikinis, since for these zones I like most of all to use the technique with stripes.

I strongly advise to try this type of hair removal if you are still sitting on a razor and are tormented by this hard hair.

I wish you all a smooth and healthy skin.


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