PuroBio Liquid Foundation VS Avril Foundation


I compared 2 Foundation and now can share it. At least one of them, a small sample I managed to test it. So, let’s start..


Avril – Light, makes the tone of face even, redness and bruising under the eyes can not hide. “Like a second skin!”

PuroBio – Medium, well hides bruises and redness, if apply a second layer on these places. “Matte effect”

I would advise Foundation Avril on every day, and PuroBio for some special event where you need to look perfect(it is important to choose the right shade for yourself).  Avril foundation can be fixed powder. And before applying PuroBio it is better to moisturize the skin and apply sponge. Сolor Clair was a good fit me and Foundation Purobio in the shade 02 dark and yellowish for me.New ImageNew Image


Avril – ECOCERT, Cruelty Free (PETA), Vegan.

PuroBio – ccpb, Vegan OK


Avril – 30ml

PuroBio – 30ml


Avril – £7.19

PuroBio – £12.49


Avril – Nice, sweet, do not get bored

PuroBio – Not a pronounced smell, it smells of sweets:-)


Avril – All day but don’t hold but looks very natural

PuroBio – Very well throughout the day


Avril – The composition includes jojoba and sunflower oil which is very good

PuroBio – There is a sage extract and grape + Shea butter

Shelf life:

Avril – 12M

PuroBio – 6M


To summarize I want to say that both funds are good, just for different occasions! And most importantly, natural and non-toxic. Be healthy and beautiful. : -)

Good Luck!


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