Shampoo that love my hair and scalp

Khadi Hibiscus Ayurvedic Shampoo 2017-14-9--16-33-27Here are the benefits that were listed on the site:

Help prevent itch and redness
Balances stressed scalp
Regulates dryness and sebum
Tones and Revitalises
Prevents Hair Loss
Hair feels soft and moisturised
Hair feels clean but not damaged

And I agree with them, all this makes shampoo. Below I write about some shortcomings (which I personally faced)
but first I will tell the story.

So before I bought a shampoo Khadi, I cut off the length, because my hair began to get tangled, I do not know what it was from, although I used the conditioner and not to use it. In any case, they were very tangled. I think it’s from the means of Alterra, every time there was some kind of film on the comb and so I refused for some time from the conditioner and decided to order a shampoo from a khadi that does not necessarily need conditioner.

And now I use only this shampoo. While everything suits me, my hair is softer, sometimes I make masks with olive or coconut oil. for the moment it’s all my care 🙂 ordered from here

There is one drawback – a very small volume, especially for me. I use it only month and I do not have 2/3 already.

Smell is pleasant herbal, it is felt that the composition has useful herbal extracts.  Gelatinous consistency .2017-14-9--17-26-48

I also like the color and design of the package that will decorate the bathroom 🙂





Thank you for attention

Good luck!

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