“would I buy more or Not” – Shampoo Natura Siberica Neutral – Review


This shampoo for sensitive skin, gently cleanses the scalp and does not irritate. Provides the scalp balance

I have dry skin and thick hair, I have had it for a long time (although usually shampoos I very quickly finish) Pretty good price for such a large volume.

Was not itching and my scalp feel good. Dandruff, he did not remove me (but he should not) and I do not believe that shampoo can remove dandruff. I believe that the cause of this is internal problems of the body, poor nutrition, stress,lack of sleep or other factors.

Product is certified by ICEA2017-11-9--08-34-40


Consistency of shampoo is almost transparent and liquid. The smell is easy pleasant. Shampoo well foams.2017-11-9--08-36-08


I would buy this shampoo again? I would buy it, just in case, for example, if my new experiment does not work with some kind of new shampoo, I could quickly return to it. 🙂 I recommend this shampoo to people with sensitive skin,
if you have dry skin it will gently clean it and do not dry it and if fatty it will help to regulate the sebum.

P.S. What is your favorite shampoo, which you would always like to see in your bathroom and why?

Thank you for attention
Good luck :-*





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